Gracco FaCades

A new concept of exclusiveness and design

Excellent solutions for ventilated and cladded façades

High quality Architectural Concrete materials with a premium finish

The versatility of our materials is perfect for projects built in ventilated facade systems as well as cladding systems and adapts seamlessly to any architectural style and aesthetic preference.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures easy installation, a flawless appearance, as well as high resistance and durability.

Certified Anchoring Systems

All of our anchoring systems are certified for our materials, due to our close partnerships with key partners in the industry

Great variety of possibilities

We personalize our materials both in colors, models, finishes, sizes, thicknesses and textures. The needs of our clients are our first priority; every project becomes unique



The strength of cleanliness and purity


The Personality and vanguard


Innovation and beauty

Our materials offer great performance and high quality, combined with low resources consumption

Strong efficiency in the use of resources, minimizing waste and optimizing our production chain, through integration and implementation of the most cutting-edge technologies

Optimized production process thanks to technology

Industry 4.0. based on the use of renewables

Strategic alliances with top partners

Photocatalytic materials

Self-cleaning facades that purify the air we breathe

When our materials are exposed to light, it triggers a chemical reaction that releases certain elements that break down organic and inorganic pollutants such as dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, and some organic pollutants.

Additionally, they help decompose air contaminants, thereby improving air quality in the areas surrounding the building.

The best of Performance

Resilient and durable, our material efficiently withstands daily wear and tear with a vibrant and consistent colour that doesn’t fade even with prolonged exposure to the sun or the passage of time.

It is resistant to extreme temperature changes, preventing cracking or deterioration, making it suitable for cold climates.

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